Hygia Diagnostics ApS (HygiaDx) is a newly started Med-tech company with a commercially and technologically highly experienced management team. The company posesses exclusive rights to important IP and know-how to enable the development of revolutionary instrumentation for performing molecular diagnostics (MDx) in Point of Care settings for the rapid and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases. This new diagnostic instrumentation will play a central role in combating the antimicrobial drug resistance by allowing for a narrower and more proper use of these drugs. Infectious diseases and resistance to antibiotics are among the most serious problems facing health care systems worldwide. HygiaDx has already initiated important collaborations with state of the art technological key players. This is expected to allow HygiaDx to launch a diagnostic system in about 3 years.

HygiaDx is seeking investors to join us in building an attractive diagnostics business Management is seeking to establish an investor consortium to fund an A-round investment of 15 MDKK (with the possibility of A-round investors participating in further financing rounds). The proceeds from this initial investment will enable a milestone based ”technological de-risking” of device development. This technological de-risk is expected to remove most technical uncertainties and therefore minimize investment risk as much as possible on the path to market access. Management would be pleased to share our exciting Business Case and Plan with potential investors.

For more information please contact:

Frank Henrichsen,
CEO, Co-founder
+45 40872917

Company Address:
Hygia Diagnostics ApS
L E Bruuns Vej 26
2920 Charlottenlund